Sailprint has over many years of experience in the industry developed the best and most effective ways to deliver high quality signage on any form of sail. Its technology and product is first class and is used by many top sailors around the world due to the fact in does not change the dynamic or quality of their sail plan. Swan Signs is teaming up with Sailprint to bring this technology to Australia.
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Sailprint has over several years developed a special print process for spinnakers. This technology enable us to print on any spinnaker cloth, at virtually no weight increase ( around 0,6g/m2 ).
The print process is roll to roll, which means we print the spinnaker prior to assembly using the graphics combined with the design of the spinnaker. 
Any image can be used and we will transform the 2D image into 3D using the spinnakers mould. 
We will print on supplied rolls or can arrange to order cloth, printing of the panels and cutting.

The main advantage is: Almost no weight increase. Graphics can be any image, not just a simple logo or text. No change of performance of the spinnaker, and it does not stick in a chute. You will not be able to feel the print on the surface of the cloth.

We can print in co-operation with your sailmaker, from any contemporary sail design program.


One of the many advantages of a laminate sails is that its light. Naturally a advert or logo should add as little extra weight as possible. At the same time materials like vinyl has impact on the sail-shape, therefore Sailprint has developed a technology for printing directly on a 10 um Mylar film. This film has no impact on the sail-shape.

The film is supplied to you as a mural sticker and are easy to apply ( see mounting instructions ), and it only weighs between 25-50g/m², 3-5 times less the vinyl. The foil will even protect the laminate sail from UV rays by absorbing 90% the of rays.

We can print pictures, logo or whatever you might desire using 4 colour technology, and the motif can be cut as a contour or used as one large mural. On transparent sails like the 49er we can use “DT print technology” which only requires the foil to be mounted on one side of the sail.


Sailprint has developed two solutions for advert, pictures or logos on a dacron sail.

  1. Direct printing to Dacron
  2. Printing on Taffeta (sail insignia cloth)


Sailprints matchrace product has been developed so that its easy to apply, and it can be removed with almost no residue of the adhesive remaining on the sail.

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